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Rosenberger introduces Lyra Intelligent Micro Data Center for ‘IOT Edge’ and 5G MEC Applications – ‘Data Center solution in a box’

September 23rd, 2019, Akron, PA: Rosenberger addresses network expansion constraints for Enterprise users and IOT/MEC roll out challenges with the introduction of the LYRA Intelligent Micro Data Center (IMDC), a self-contained ‘Data Center in a box’ solution. Providing Power, Cooling, UPS, Cable management and cloud remote-monitoring, the Lyra IMDC can be installed in less than 3 hours with 40% space saving versus traditional Data Center installations. Applications include small data centers, office areas and EDGE deployment.

Providing a completely integrated network solution for small to medium sized enterprise applications, Lyra has the advantages of quick installation and simple maintenance, helping customers quickly deploy a data center solution. Lyra Intelligent Micro Datacenter adopts a modular design, containing the following modules: power distribution box, UPS or battery pack, precision air conditioning, monitoring management system, PDU, cabinet and sealed components.

Ideally suited to Network Architects who need to install rapid deployable network resources or have real estate limitations, the Lyra IMDC footprint requires only 600x1200mm footprint, offering the IT User 27U of space and 24 power outlets for network equipment. Lyra can be installed in an existing office environment with <50dB noise and be redeployed when required. Lyra offers a true ‘Mobile Edge Located’ Data Center solution, being able to be deployed alongside Mobile Operator RAN equipment.

Rosenberger offers Lyra in two cooling/power capacity options of 3.5 or 6Kw applications, has a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of <1.5 and can be scaled up to 8 units to work collectively. Lyra utilizes an internal ‘Precision Air conditioning’ system and is easily managed by the interactive LCD display on the front panel. Lyra has built in smoke detection and can use 3G/4G/Wireless connectivity options for monitoring backhaul. UPS time is optional up to 120 minutes.

LYRA will be on display at Rosenberger’s Stand no. 947 during BICSI Fall, Las Vegas from September 30th to October 2nd 2019.

About Rosenberger

Rosenberger is a privately owned diversified Bavarian manufacturing company with sales of €1,300mio and over 11,000 employees globally. Rosenberger is a development and production leader in RF, Fiber Optic and Interconnect solutions, operating in the Data Center, Mobile Communication, Test + Measurement, Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Telematics and custom machining markets. Rosenberger Fiber Optics employs over 600 people and terminates over 4mio connectors per annum. Since 1991 Rosenberger is an expert in innovative fiber optic cabling infrastructure and service solutions for Data Centers, Local Networks, Telecom and Industrial markets.

Rosenberger North America is headquartered at 309 Colonial Drive, Akron, PA 17501 Telephone: +1 717 859 8900 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG, P.O.Box 1260, D-84526, Tittmoning Telephone: +49-8684-18-0